When working towards a more natural Look & Feel for NUXE and its iconic Huile Prodigieuse, the idea was to depict women's body as Natural Wonders of Nature. Form this concept, I researched the light phenomenon called "caustics" usually found near pools, or through the reflections of glass being hit by sunlight. It conveys the kind of subtle, magical feel that I thought fitting.
I began an iconographic search for both the women and the lights FX. I ended up using a photograph by Alessio Albi and applied some of those special lights on the model, while also changing the color for a sunny day feel. Finally, I built various compositions showcasing the product with a small copy.

1. The Women - Moodboard:

1. The Caustics - Examples:

3. Hero Visual - Retouching:

4. Compositions - Compositions:


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